true budget design : adding color to your space [part one]

if you are anything like me, you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands to make lavish diy projects or a lot of extra money to purchase lavish items to decorate your home.

we currently live in an apartment where we are unable to paint the white, boring walls and the ugly, walnut trim (can’t wait to move!). i’ve been living in places like this for a few years now, and, as someone who is an hgtv addict, it’s really tough to not go crazy in the white abyss.

so one way that i have decided to spruce up our space is to add decorative, colorful shelves.

this project cost me (per shelf), at the most, $4.56 before tax.

here’s what i did :

(1) i visited our local goodwill store (any thrift store will do) and purchased a few ugly shelves for anywhere between $2.99 and $3.99 each.

(2) then, i popped on over to walmart and grabbed some acrylic paint out of their arts and crafts section ($0.57 a bottle … and honestly, that’s all you need!)

(3) begin by sanding down the wood. it will take off any bad finishes or excess paint that may be on it and will cut down on your paint expense. STEPONE

(4) next, if there is any metal hardware, be sure to use painters tape to avoid getting paint on it (i only had 1/4 like this).STEPTWO

(5) begin your layers. make sure that each layer is dry before beginning a new one. it may seem like a long process, but think of all you can accomplish while it dries!


(6) measure twice and hang once! you are complete! i was able to make 3 shelves (2 for the kitchen, 1 for my oldest stepson’s baseball trophies) and 1 small hanging rack for a total of $12.68! and it completely transforms the look of the space. goodbye boring!

(i added a second, dark gray accent shelf above this one with plants and candles as well!)


reader interaction : what’s your favorite way to incorporate color into your home?



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