entertaining : super bowl party

entertaining … planning and throwing parties … is one of my favorite things to do! (in fact, it was my first job when i was 15!) you will see a lot of posts about planning and hosting get togethers from me. we have 4 kid’s birthday parties every year alone!

we’re not hosting a superbowl party this year (maybe we would be if the packers were in it!) … but we will be watching i’m sure! any favorites to win? i believe we are cheering for the ravens (we both used to enjoy the 49ers when we were younger (steve young/jerry rice days) … but the packers loss to them left a bitter taste in our mouths, i suppose!)

because it’s just a party for two we probably won’t make anything too special or time-consuming … but in the event that YOU are hosting one and need some last minute ideas, i’ve complied my favorites!


popcorn favors [by kara’s party ideas]

this is for a football birthday theme (check out all the ideas … they are SO cute!), but this was my favorite! we are big on popcorn in our family (making a big batch of the homemade kind every night before bed … a tradition passed down to us) so this immediately caught my eye. love these for a little light snack after you devour a big meal and they are fun for your guests to take home with them!



super bowl bingo (free printable!) [by studio diy]

fun idea for kids who may be attending your party and might not have the attention span to sit through the entire game!


tips to save on super bowl sunday [by a night owl]

i love her ideas. she has great tips for shopping for supplies, to diy decorations, to finding stuff around your house to make your party come alive!




build your own nacho bar [by your home based mom]

this is a fun idea! you don’t have to worry about anyone’s personal likes and dislikes, you just provide the options! (i’m actually thinking about this for my oldest stepson’s birthday this year … he’s a nacho monster!) she’s got great ideas for toppings + a recipe for chili con queso dip!


easy ham and cheese sliders [by red barn candle company]

these look so delicious … and they are ridiculously easy to make! it’s a great way to spice up a classic party favorite!



football cupcakes [found by domestically speaking]

i love this idea because it’s so easy (even if you don’t have cake decorating experience!) let me walk you through this one (since there are no directions on the website) bake some white/yellow cake cupcakes (out of the box or homemade if you have a great recipe!). you will need chocolate frosting and white or vanilla frosting for decorating.

if you don’t have decorating bags, plastic sandwich bags work just fine (just cut a small hole in one corner and drop the large part of a coupler into the hole. you may need to make the hole slightly larger if needed. make sure that the part you attach to – the twisty part – is still inside the bag though … otherwise, it will fall right out! attach the tip to the coupler and then fill the bag!) fill your bag with chocolate first and attach a small-medium size star tip. imitate the pattern on the picture below. then make a new bag (or clean yours out) and attach a very small circle tip. add the vanilla frosting and make the football lace design on each cupcake. and voila! dessert for your guests!


spiral-wrapped sausages on a stick [by mom on timeout]

i’m DROOLING looking at these … how yummy and creative! these could potentially take a little bit of time because you make the bread homemade (yum, yum!), but if you want to, just thaw out some frozen dough and make them semi-homemade!



hope you guys enjoyed these! now i’m wishing we were hosting a party! i want to decorate and cook (too bad i’m out of town or i would be!)

reader interaction : who are you cheering for this superbowl – ravens or 49ers? have any fun plans/party ideas? link them up!



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