fashion : baby bump

it’s official … at 27 weeks, my clothes are now all too small. it’s really hard to think that baby boy still has to gain 4-6 more pounds … i feel so huge as it is! i’ve started waddling, getting stuck on the couch, losing bladder control, getting heartburn every time i eat … oh, the joys of being pregnant!

i’ve decided, though, that it’s officially time to start shopping for maternity clothes. (which i’m very grateful to have a man who is willing and excited to take me shopping!) when the wind chill is -26, and your belly is sticking out, it’s no fun! i’ve complied a list of my favorite maternity shops because, let’s be honest, no one wants to spend a fortune on maternity clothes when you’re only wearing them for a few months and then packing them back up …

1. pink blush

this is my “splurge” site. their tops are so cute! i’d recommend browsing their clearance and sale sections.

pinkblush   pinkblush2










2. old navy

i was unaware that they had maternity clothes until i got a gift card for christmas and started browsing online! i was so excited to find my new winter coat here. (i’m telling you … there’s nothing like not being able to button or zip your jacket up in below zero weather!) their prices are reasonable (for maternity clothing) and their sales are even better! i got that coat for $14 (originally $60!) + shipping. this is my recommendation when shopping for the basics. they also have different options of belly-coverage in their pants.

oldnavy oldnavy2

3. kohls

my mother bought me some really cute stuff from here for christmas (including the gray stripe sweater featured below!). they also provide an outfit inspiration board if you are looking for cute outfits to wear every day or at work!


4. target

we love target for everything else (…in fact, that’s where we are registered for baby!), so why not shop there for maternity as well? our store doesn’t have too much in store, but they have a great selection online. i bought a really nice sweater dress for under $20 for christmas from here. they also have inspiration outfits on the website for work if you need professional clothing and date night outfit ideas.


5. gap

can i say how extremely shocked i was to see how reasonable gap maternity clothes are? they are no more expensive than anything else i’ve seen around … and with their quality, who can go wrong? they have some great basics but also really great work attire.


hope this helped!

reader interaction : where did you purchase your maternity clothing? was it worth it?


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